Asphalt Paving & Repair


“A typical business will pay $213,020 EXTRA due to mismanagement of their pavement asset.”

– International Pavement Management Association

The success of an asphalt pavement construction or repair project depends on the combination of proper design and maintenance of the surface. Coast aims to work within your budget to come up with the right formula to weigh these two critical factors. Too often, repair projects do not begin with the goal of the best value for the money in the budget. The lowest bid is often chosen without regard to the desired final outcome conveyed in the estimate. At Coast, we work with our clients to establish the proper scope and budget. We will customize a plan to meet your expectations for the best outcome of the present and future value of your pavement asset.

See our budget page for repair budgeting guidelines:

  • Remove and replace asphalt surface
  • Asphalt milling and replace asphalt surface
  • Overlay of existing asphalt surface
  • Seal cracks with hot rubberized crack sealer
  • Repair and replace concrete curbs and sidewalks
  • Construction of new pavement areas