Stormwater Services & Construction

In the Northwest, we are blessed with over 30 inches of annual rainfall which keeps our environment lush and green. Often overlooked is the storm water this rainfall creates on our paved surfaces. As it makes its way to the catch basins, curb inlets, and other structures which lead to our streams and rivers, this water picks up a host of contaminants from the pavement. Fortunately, the issues surrounding how to keep storm water from polluting our waterways have inspired a number of products and processes to protect our environment. Recent EPA regulations have brought forth new regulations regarding the proper way to manage storm water.

Coast was born as a sweeping company. Sweeping is one of the best management practices available to keep your storm water clean and to preserve your paved surfaces. We have expanded our services to remove the contaminated material from your catch basins. If your site needs to meet a higher compliance standard, Coast can also install several advanced treatment systems for you. Our mission is mindful care and construction of the paved environment. With sustainability in mind, keeping our rivers clean from storm water contaminants is our way of paving it forward.

See our budget page for repair budgeting guidelines:

  • Installation and cleaning of catch basins
  • Replacement of catch basin filters
  • Stormwater compliance sweeping
  • Construction of flow water planters