Sweeping & Parking Area Services

Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as one of the top factors in determining where people shop. Many people consider exterior cleanliness to be as important as interior cleanliness. Property managers know a clean property is an inviting one and that properties are judged based on curb appeal. Communities are deemed more livable when parking lots and streets are kept clean.

Coast has its roots in the clean pavement business. Most clients think of sweeping as only cleaning the unsightly trash you can see. The added invisible benefit is preventing pollutants such as sediment, nitrogen, phosphorus, bacteria, oil/grease, trash, pesticides and metals from being swiftly carried to our local streams, lakes, wetlands and rivers.

Sweeping has been established as a best management practice to keep your stormwater catch basins clean, which in turn, benefits our environment. Regular sweeping also increases the life cycle of your pavement surface by removing abrasive loose material.  We all value a clean environment. Coast continues to offer leading edge services to keep our paved environment healthy for future generations.


Please view our budgeting guidelines page for:

  • Air vacuum sweeping
  • Porter services for areas inaccessible to sweeping equipment
  • Pressure washing of sidewalks and curbs
  • Moss removal by power brooms
  • Stormwater compliance sweeping
  • Snow service
  • Catch basin services